Thursday, 10 March 2016

Mary Mackillop Center

Mary Mackillop Center

I take my seat next to my partner Lesina and a few students next to her in the church of the Mary Mackillop center. We came here to celebrate CTK 60th jubilee on Friday 13th of October. Waiting patiently we all look up to see a woman with a red vest, a black long sleeved shirt and long black pants. She appears to be helping an elderly woman with a pink jacket and a long blue skirt settle down into her seat. The school realizes that the woman is a sister whose name is Elizabeth. She starts to speak through a microphone sharing her journey of being the principal of CTK and a sister. She says during her time as a sister she would also deal with being the principal of Christ the King school, I thought it made her life more difficult. Because the sisters are always busy with other things, I thought they wouldn’t have time to run a whole school which Elizabeth achieved! But sadly she kept her position for a short period of time. After hearing her story, I believe being a sister is a big responsibility.

By Naomi

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