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Cows & Calves - writing

Cows and Calves
The female cows can give birth to calves either sitting down or standing up. The calf pops out intensely trying to stand up. They will go to their mother to drink milk from her udder. The farmer occasionally comes to see the mother and her calf to check if they’re doing well. The farmer later separates the calves from their mother, placing them into a shed full of other adorable calves that has been also taken away from their mothers.
In the shed, with a lot of calves inside, they will always hunger for food or milk. The calves are so greedy, they’ll do anything to get food. Their thirst will increase every passing minute. They will start to push and shove one another to drink the milk first. As they grow a bit older they begin to nibble on grass and decrease their drinking of milk making their thirst for water grow.

The young baby calves grow tiny horns on the top of their heads. Their horns get removed or disbudded with hot iron, they would inject to prevent an infection. The baby calves now lose their sharp horns and can play with the other calves in the field without hurting one another.

The farmer takes the female calves to be kept as the best milking cows. They are called a heifer. They are taken to be dairy cows. The cows can at least give 20,000 litres of milk a year, isn’t that great? More milk means more chocolate.

Cows are lucky to be females, because unlike the bulls, they get slaughtered and killed for our own food. The farmers do save some bulls, but only the best for breeding.

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  2. Good job, I like the way you added in all the facts like calf growing horns and then the horns get burned off.

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  3. Hi Naomi,
    Great Job!I like that you put some humour into your work by saying more milk means more chocolate! Keep up the great work! I can't wait to see your next post!
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